The Dr. Amie Harwick Memorial

A Project to Create a Bronze Memorial Dedicated to the Legacy of Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick and to Victims of Domestic Violence

A Vibrant Life Cut Short

Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick was an accomplished therapist, a published author, an outspoken champion of women, and a well-known Hollywood personality. She was also well known for being engaged for a time to Drew Carey.

In the early morning hours of February 15, 2020, Amie was murdered in her Hollywood Hills home. Her killing was a senseless tragedy that robbed the world of a brilliant and talented woman who was just hitting her stride in life. 

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While she is now buried in her hometown of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, she left behind hundreds (if not thousands) of friends in Los Angeles where she lived for most of her adult life.

This project is seeking the funds to design and construct a bronze memorial of Amie  to be installed at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and will feature a plaque  dedicated to the women who have lost their lives to domestic violence.  

The memorial will serve as a place for to gather, to find solace and also an inspiration to live our lives as fiercely as she lived hers. 

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We are going to continue raising funds for this project until we reach the full amount. We hope to be able to do it in 2023 but we will work as long as it takes.

This website has detailed information about the Amie, the project plan, and about the team putting this together. There are also links to media coverage of her case.

Amie Nicole Harwick, December 2019

Photo: Robert Coshland

Amie Harwick in Hammock by Cris Jan Lim

Who was Dr. Amie Harwick?

Amie had so many facets and talents that categorizing her would be a disservice to such an impressive woman. She was a therapist, a model, a dancer, a video and podcast personality, an author, a photographer, a collector of oddities, but most of all she was a champion of women, a beloved daughter, and a good friend to so many heart-broken people. (Photo: Cris Jan Lim)

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Amie Harwick with Bronze Einstein statue

What is the Memorial?

The memorial will be a life-size bronze statue of Amie depicted in allegorical fashion and surrounded by symbolic elements from her life. She will stand on a large plinth along with a statue of her beloved cat Marquis. A bronze plaque will memorialize her story and offer prayers to all female victims of domestic violence. (Photo: Robert Coshland)

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flowers left outside Amie Harwick's home

How Can I Contribute?

Building a permanent bronze memorial is a complex and expensive task and we appreciate every dollar. We are using GoFundMe as our fundraising platform and we can also accept direct donations via check. But even if a donation is not possible, you can help us by sharing this website on social media. (Photo: Robert Coshland)

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