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The Dr. Amie Harwick Memorial Project will be a forever unread love letter to a woman who did so much in her short life and still had so much more to do. It is our sincere hope that visitors to the memorial will find inspiration in her story, courage for their own lives, and solace for loss.

Every dollar makes a difference! Even if you can only spare a small amount, every dollar will go to a monument that will last 100 years. It will be a place that you can visit and know that you were part of its creation; that you helped tell her story.

Even if you can’t make a donation right now, you can still help us by sharing this site to social media. You can help by telling others about Amie’s story. And you can help by reaching out to people who may be experiencing domestic violence. And if you are experiencing domestic violence, you can help by getting assistance from others.

Thank you for helping us.

We are using GoFundMe as our main fundraising platform and we are working on being able to accept direct donations in the future

Amie Harwick outside of Pasadena Norton Simon Museum

Robert Coshland