The Dr. Amie Harwick Memorial Statue

“We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.”

– Philip James Bailey

The Memorial Statue Design


Designed by artist Glennis McClellan, the scale bronze sculpture will memorialize Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick with her beloved furry companion, Marquis de Chat, at her side. To celebrate Amie’s work as a therapist, author and champion of women the memorial will be classical in nature, and will be imbued with the symbolism of the goddess Aphrodite.

A large plaque on the pedestal will be a dedication to all of the women who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

The statue will have a modern pose but she will be styled in timeless, classical Greco-Roman attire. On the base at her feet, will be her cat Marquis. The statue will have a wreath decorated with symbols such as doves, shells, hare, roses, sparrows, girdles (belts), Pomegranate, mirrors, pearls and swans as enduring emblems of beauty and love.

The statue will stand on a ornate plinth/pedestal which will feature an inscribed plaque.

The statue will reside on two adjacent plots in the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetary — a favorite place of Amie’s and a much-visited destination as it is the resting place for many celebrities.

Amie Harwick Memorial Statue Concept

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

After Amie’s death, the street artist @lifeafterdeathstreet (Dave Navarro) posted an image of Amie spraypainted on a street sign near Hollywood Forever. They were obviously thinking what many of her Los Angeles friends were; she would have liked a memorial there. This project intends to make that happen.

Hollywood Forever is a historic cemetery located in the heart of Hollywood. Our base plan calls for two adjacent plots across the street from some of its most famous residents who are adjacent to a lake on the property. The plots we have identified several potential locations for the memorial.

Amie Harwick Hollywood Forever

“I am constantly working on improving how I work professionally, live personally, and support women through acts and emotions. “

~ Amie Harwick

Design References

Historic Reference

We will be using plenty of historical statues for reference including a number of statues and plinths that Amie photographed over the years.

Getting the Statue Right

Getting bronze statues to look like the person they represent is not easy but we have excellent references for developing the underlying molds including the data from 3D life scans of Amie that were done a few years ago by 3D Scan LA which works in the visual effects industry.

Amie Harwick being 3D scanned at 3D Scan LA

Photo: 3D Scan LA

Style References

Amie lived and breathed style. Further, she loved to have her photo taken – constantly. One thing that many of her friends remarked about after her passing is that they were grateful that she always wanted to take photos at every outing and get together.

(She was buried holding the painting of Marquis that is shown)

Painting by Danny Beck

Photo: Cris Jan Lim